Wicca FAQs

My parents accept my path, but are unsure of it. Any resources?

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What is a difference between Wiccans & Pagans?

Imagine this being a conversation about cars where cars equal Pagans and Wiccans as a faith group were Dodge Chargers. All Dodge Chargers are cars, but not every car is a Dodge Charger.

Do Pagans hate Christians?

As a faith, no we do not. However, a lot of young people coming into Paganism have been scarred & hurt by Christians be it their parents, friends, or The Church and carry a heaviness and pain in their heart as a result of it. There’s an understandable amount of hostility many of us express when done wrong by people who claim to love us yet hurt us or have a holier- than- thou attitude trying to force us into their beliefs or outrightly harass us because they know they can. Many of us outgrow it as we grow, but some of us are so wronged & traumatized by our experiences that we can’t come to terms with it & it hardens our hearts to Christians or the religion as a whole.

Wiccans & Satan, talk to me.

Wiccans don’t believe in Satan nor worship such an entity. This misconception is a popular one that directly stems from Abrahamic religious (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) belief that anyone who does not worship their God worships Satan. Thereby, all non believers are worshippers of Satan in their mind. This mindset is interesting as there are a lot of Christians who believe Muslims (followers of Islam) are Satan worshippers, so it gets confusing sometimes.

I heard you eat babies & do animal sacrifices…

Wiccans, no. Modern day Christians see animal sacrifices as a barbaric and inhumane practice. They often throw such accusations at Pagans at large despite its prolific use in the Torah, Quran, & Old Testament of the Bible. Despite this viewpoint, opinions are mixed among Pagans as to animal sacrifice’s morality.  If defining Paganism as any non Abrahamic religion, then some Pagans such as Santerians do practice animal sacrifice, though as stated before opinions are mixed. No one eats babies, not even the fat chunky ones.

Is this all a game?

No. No matter the practitioner be Wiccan, witch, Pagan, or some flavor in between this is a serious matter. We generally don’t take ourselves too seriously, but don’t go expecting a call to the Gods to bend the minds of your enemies or thinking you’re part of some ancient practice that lived since the time before the Mayflower or the Roman erasure of the Druids.

You guys really believe in tarot, rituals, & all that spiritism stuff?

Every religion or spirituality has some type of ritual practice be it for holidays, special events, or natural occurrences. Belief in tarot is generally regarded in more occult based religions and spiritualities such as witchcraft itself & most traditions that fall under Wicca. There isn’t a mandate that Wiccans believe in tarot, though it is usually utilized as a tool to see into the future, answer questions, & grant discovery into one’s short coming, problems, & solutions.

Can my black cat be a familiar like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?

No. Cats can’t talk and aren’t animatronics. However, depending on your definition of familiar they could serve as a spiritual guide or partner as a practitioner traverses the Path of magick or communes with the Gods.

I’m a teen Pagan living with unapproving parent(s). How did you survive?

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