Pagan Dictionary

Altar- A construction used to celebrate holidays, conduct rituals, celebrate the Gods, etc.

Athame- A ritual knife symbolizing the masculine or the God Consort

Besom- Broom used for ritual use, typically for cleansing a space or ritualistically removing something.

Blessed Be- Wiccan religious term used for farewells

Book of Shadows- Wiccan term for a book used to record religious writings, rituals, correspondences

Centering- Religious or spiritual practice of gathering oneself to focus &/ or prepare oneself to conduct religious practice.

Chalice- A ritual cup symbolizing the feminine or the Goddess/ womb.

Chanting- Repeating a word or phrase to achieve an altered state of consciousness

Cleansing- To ritually clean an object, area, person, or idea

Coven- A group of Wiccans or witches

Crone- An old woman, typically used in Wiccan circles as the Goddess in Her aged aspect.

Cross Quarter Days- Solstices & equinoxes of the Wheel of the Year

Deity- A figurative or literal powerful entity representative of an aspect of life or creation in either a monotheistic or polytheistic form

Deosil- To move in a clockwise direction. Typically the direction used when casting a circle.

Elements- Fundamental elementary aspects of creation or reality.

Equinox- An astrological event where day (Ostara) & night (Mabon) are equal.

Esbat- Full moon ritual

Handfasting- A temporary marriage typically lasting a year & a day

Magick- Spelled with a k to differentiate sleight of hand tricks used by magicians from witchcraft

Merry Meet- Wiccan religious greeting

Mortar & Pestle- Tool used for crushing materials or ingredients for cooking or ritual use.

Pentacle- Five pointed star encompassed by a circle

Pentagram- Five pointed star symbolizing different things depending on the religious tradition.

Quarter Days- Half way points between solstices & equinoxes Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, & Samhain

Ritual- A prescribed method of actions used to celebrate holidays, commune with Deity, conduct a religious practice.

Runes- Symbols used for divination, communication, or representation of something of spiritual concern.

Skyclad- Religious nudity

Solitary Practitioner- An individual who practices religious observances alone & without a group be it by choice or circumstance

Solstice- An astrological event marking the longest day (Litha) or night (Yule) of the year

Tarot- A deck of cards used in divination. There are

Waning- Means decreasing light when discussing moon phases

Waxing- Means increasing light when discussing moon phases

Widdershins- To move in a counterclockwise direction. Typically to undo a cast circle.