Pagan Flavors

Asatru– An inclusive religion that is a revival & reconstruction of ancient European polytheistic faiths.

Dianic Wicca– A soft polytheistic Wiccan tradition that focuses on the Triple Goddess & female empowerment.

Eclectic Wicca– A form a Wicca where practitioners are free to mix & match their practice with beliefs of other faiths or traditions.

Celtic Wicca– A non- initiatory Wiccan faith that incorporates Celtic mythology into its practices.

Witchcraft– Practices centered around conducting rituals, magick & bending energies to achieve one’s will. Some covens are initiatory while others aren’t, same for theism amongst its members.

Hellenist– Faith centering around worship of ancient Greek deities & ancient customs.

Kemetism– Revivalist tradition of ancient Egyptian religion

Gardnerian Wicca– An initiatory Wiccan tradition from the founder of Wicca Gerald Gardner

Satanism– An atheistic religion rooted in the philosophy of individualism & freedom.