Welcome to Circle of The Divine, the haven for all Pagans to learn, & grow. I want The Circle to be a one stop community for new & experienced practitioners with the hopes that will expand to cover all non- Abrahamic religions. Covering their rules, rites, texts, & teach others their culture.

The biggest rule is dignity & respect, but we welcome spirited debates & controversy. Be it from followers having a respectful debate about a religious topic or a newcomer asking questions about controversial religious subject. Name calling, threats, or wildly disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Pagan Flavors will be the launch point of the site when it expands beyond Wicca in that it will explore the beliefs & practices of many different faiths. I hope to eventually have believers write articles themselves or even get involvement with a religion’s governing body. Expect it to be with the detail you see for Wicca, but with other religions. This melds with the Pagan Spaces Directory in that it provides resources for outsiders, experienced practitioners, or newcomers to expand their religious knowledge by introducing them to YouTube channels, books, & organizations where one can seek out information. This is all provided free of charge, with the only expectation is that as you gain knowledge from The Circle or through it, that you deposit some knowledge in return.