Hallowed Pagan Halls (2October2013)

In an imaginary world I envision a grand structure that stands the test of time. A multi acre plot of land that hosts some of the grandest art, books, spaces, classes, and people who wish to learn about the Pagan way. A grand hall where everyone is free of the missionaries and fundamentalists, able to exercise their faith as they please without regret or fear. A monument to the earth and its blessings, a Pagan concept for Pagan people, what a place it would be.

A place where greenery flourishes for those seek a natural atmosphere, atop the expansive roof they may go to practice their rituals and celebrations, have outdoor parties and gigantic gatherings. No one would have to worry about taking up too much space, with the enormity of the area many rituals can be held at once. For those seeking a more private experience they can go to any outside area on the grounds and meditate as they wish. Surrounded by trees, bushes, and edible plants, they can have a great time in blissful solitude as long as they want.

For those who want a more urban flair the inside of the building will be perfect for them. With a delightfully ominous glow, the inner sanctum is laid with stone so if they wish to draw chalk circles for magickal use they may. If it happens to be stormy out green practitioners may also go there to meditate supplied with cushions so they aren’t hurt by the stones. They will also be allowed to bring music so long as it doesn’t interfere with other practitioners and worshippers. Beyond use as a meditative area, the inner sanctum serves as a study area for those who want to read and study via side areas with desks and chairs. The main area where meditations occur also allows for group worship and a place for workshops, speeches, what have you.

Shops would also have a presence, selling candles, crystals, ritual tools, everything one would need at affordable prices and with knowledgeable staff to assist them if needed. There would also be a multimedia room complete with books, computers, and a projector room so the community will be free to access the internet and look at movies free of any type of religious pressure. Pagan faithful would gather, but they wouldn’t be allowed to pressure anyone.

Daily food drives would take place to help the community as well. Visits to homeless shelters to give food and volunteer services where people in need will also be given. Charity will be a must to being there so that everyone will help their fellow man and be a blessing to the less fortunate. For people who have homes but are in dire straights, a community food bank will be available to save them from possibly going hungry or doing illegal practices just to put food on the table. As the money pours in, there will eventually be organic shops that are pesticide and cruelty free, which helps save money in the long term by offsetting health and emergency room costs. There would perhaps even be classes held by licensed holistic healthcare doctors to teach all who come ways to safely administer natural medicinal foods without needing to constantly pop pills.

This is just an idea of mine, but something I’ve always wanted to do sometime in the future, I hope one day that I or someone else is able to build it so we may have a large-scale temple to call our own. The idea is incomplete, but a project I mentally work on every now and again.